15 Nov

Ainvestments Organizes “Slot Machine Fridays”

ainvestments2020 is a company that is operating in the cryptocurrency and trading industry. Currently, their headquarters is located near the Hyde Park in London, England and is active since the establishment in the first quarter of last year. ainvestments2020 proved itself to be a successful company by providing a healing office for their employees. They even implemented funny meeting rooms, relaxing lounges and a healthy office restaurant in their building in order to satisfy and motivating their staff. The company focuses on stimulating their staff to take more rests during their working day. From massage chairs to a jungle of ropes; this organization really developed the perfect healing and fun office. A healing office can improve the wellbeing of the staff, but also their motivation and productivity. Did you know it can even reduce sickness and absence?

Together with the different teams and departments within ainvestments2020, the company wanted to include a fun game for the Friday drinks at the office. The office already contains a pool table, dart board and even a small soccer field, so they really had to be creative to think of something unique. Eventually, ainvestments2020 came up with the idea for Slot Machine Fridays! They created an account at an online casino and collected an amount of money from their own employees who wanted to participate the game. On Slot Machine Fridays, employees are allowed to spin their favorite kind of slot machine in order to win bonuses and more money. If their placed bet is increased, the new money on the account will be divided over every participant.

This idea seems to be very difficult to do, but the first trial during the Friday drinks was a big success. More than 10 employees joined the slot machine game and they even won some extra cash! It’s not that they were sitting behind the computer all the time. The employees were enjoying their Friday drink as a social event and while doing that, every now and then someone pressed the button to spin! The first trial was with the game Mega Fortune, that is also included with a very high jackpot. Unfortunately, they didn’t hit any of the three jackpots, but they didn’t lose any money either. Since everybody seemed to enjoy this game during their drinks, the company decided to continue this every Friday. Every Friday they are playing a different kind of slot machine and every Friday more and more people seem to join in.

Winning money together as a group can really improve the relationship between colleagues and that is why we see this activity as a very nice way to spend your Fridays at work. Sure, a small soccer match is also very nice to do with your colleagues, but doesn’t contain the excitement and adrenaline that you can get from online casinos. Playing an online casinos is always very thrilling, because you can’t predict the outcome. If you happen to run your own business, consider this game during the Friday drinks. It can excite everybody and prepare them for a happy weekend!