24 Sep

direct roulette online spelen with the Spiñata Grande online slot machine

Looking for something different when it comes to playing an online slot machine? Maybe a game with a great storyline and good theme at the same time? Spiñata Grande is the best choice you can make if you are looking for an exciting slot machine game with a high betting rate. This slot machine has been developed by NetEnt, so you probably know that this game contains a design of high quality as well. Besides this amazing theme, this game will offer you many bonus opportunities and an interesting amount of free spins. Free spins can be activated on the website. After selecting Spiñata Grande, the website will immediately direct you to the free spin bonus of this game.

The Mexican theme of Spiñata Grande is based on the traditional pinatas, which is a children’s game. Remember the colourful animals made out of paper mache, stuffed on the inside with a lot of delicious candy? That is exactly what you will see while playing this game! From confetti to Mexican icons, this slot machine will not be boring! The theme is nice and the music is very happy as well. It is very important that the music won’t be any distraction and we can say that the music in Spiñata Grande is not distracting at all, it even strengthens the concept of the theme!

The game consist out of 5 rolls, divided over 4 lines. The symbols that have been used are called the Colossal Symbol, which means that one symbol immediately can fill up a big area for a bigger chance of winning. Collect three or more scatters and you will be rewarded with a lot of free spins, what a party! There is also a possibility to three double the amount of free spins at the end of using the spins. Also the Colossal Wild is applied to these free spins, which means you will be able to double your spins and winnings even more! Looking for more free spins? Check out the free spin page of altijd direct gratis roulette online spelen for the latest promotions of Spiñata Grande.

While playing Spiñata Grande, it is possible to active a mini slot feature. The mini slot feature is an extra game in the slot machine. This game can be activated with the help of the sombrero symbol. The game play of Spiñata Grande is very easy but also identical at the same time. It’s possible to play the introduction animation before you start playing, which we can really recommend. NetEnt really made an effort in their game design with this slot machine, take a look at their graphics and animations and you would understand why. Even if you have already high expectations, this game will not disappoint you.

Our take on this online slot machine is very positive, Spiñata Grande really surprised us by showing the most funny animations and graphics at the same time. Whether you are interested in high or low bettings, this game contains many options. The theme of this slot machine is also interesting as well, if you have never visited Mexico before; after playing this game for hours you would really like to pack your bags and just go!